Butternut Squash + Field Mushroom Burgers

Back by popular demand // these burgers are one of the most popular recipes on my Instagram feed so I had to share them with you here today. My favourite part is that there is NO BUN in sight as wouldnt you agree that Butternut Squash makes a far healthier alternative!

Also known as the Stress Buster
Field Mushroom and Butternut Squash burger // both of which are excellent sources of magnesium, pared here with watercress, fresh pesto containing both basil and pine nuts and a sprinkling of dukkah, containing hazelnuts // even more of a high mag boost 
Magnesium (often referred to as nature’s tranquilliser), is magnificent for calming you down and is shown to help reduce symptoms of depression * as well as supporting strong bones, vital for women from their mid 40s onwards as the risk for osteoporosis increases with menopause 
Magnesium deficiency is remarkably common in the UK with the National Nutrition Survey (2016) showing 37% of teens and 12% adults to be obtaining inadequate, suboptimal levels from their diets (broader European studies show even higher %ages), magnesium deficiency can be implicated in many disease states including anxiety, depression, migraine, pms and chronic fatigue 
Dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts + seeds and avocados are all excellent sources of dietary magnesium // sadly, nutrient depleted soils and the general proliferation of processed foods means that even traditional high magnesium foods are less potent than in years gone by // so ensure that you include plenty of magnesium rich plant foods in your daily diet; aiming for at least 300mg daily
The veggie burger above packs a whopping 220g magnesium • reminder again; dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, avocados and legumes
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Magnes Res. 2008 Dec;21(4):218-23.


1 Butternut Squash

2-4 Portabello Mushrooms


A great Homemade Pesto ( see my recipe below)

Dukkah (to sprinkle on top) - you can buy this as a seasoning from the supermarket

Salad leaves or Beef Tomato Slices to serve

Torn mozarella could be an optional extra?


Slice your Butternut Squash into rounds from the thin end and lay out on your baking tray. Add the mushrooms to the tray (you may need 2 trays if you are making for 4 as they must all lie flat)

Season with salt + peps and a drizzle of olive oil

Bake in a hot oven (200) for approx 15 mins (depends on the thickness of the squash so keepan eye out)

Once your veg are cooked you can assemble your burger. Mushrooms need really good seasoning so I normally slice off a tiny piece just to check // layer up on your butternut squash // drizzle over your homemade pesto dressing and add your layers of beef tomatoes or cruncy raw red pepper or ice crisp lettuce

I love to sprinkle dukkah over the top, a delicious middle eastern spice and hazelnut blend which adds a beautiful warmth and depth of flavour to this dish x


Served here with a side of edamame beans - delish

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