Turmeric Latte

Dont forget to grind a little black pepper in with your turmeric • I am a huge fan of using real food over supplements wherever possible and it's good to know we can ENHANCE the bio-availability of the real food that we eat.

Let's take the case of turmeric, in this lovely turmeric latte (1 tsp of ground turmeric stirred into 1 cup of oat milk + good grind of black pepper) it’s actually the black pepper PLUS the turmeric which makes this anti-inflammatory blend approximately 2000% more available for the body to use, 45 mins after combining the two ? ....

And the same goes if you consume iron rich foods at the same time as Vitamin C rich foods..... they boost each other! .

Sorry if that’s new money for old rope to some of you but hopefully I also just reminded you of how delicious a turmeric latte looks in the autumn ?
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