Slow Soaked Oats

Oats make for a simple + portable breakfast and contrary to our childhood memories, do not need cooking as porridge. Oats can be soaked in a milk of your choice ( I love them in unsweetened almond milk) and then, due to their high carbohydrate content, need boosting with healthy fats and proteins to turn them into a powerhouse breakfast. Healthy toppings can include a tbsp of almond butter or other nut butter of your choice, mixed berries, cococnut flakes, sliced apple and raisins, a pinch of cinnamon, some toasted seeds (pumkpin and sunflower). the choice is yours. Soak them overnight in a kilner jar and you can grab and go stratight from the fridge in the morning.

Oats contain betaglucans, which is known to reduced LDL cholesterol, making them one of the very few foods which are allowed to make a health claim. Oats, lower cholesterol and benefit heart health. (And every other type of health as well) 


3/4 mug of gluten free rolled or steel cut oats

1 mug of unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp of berries from the freezer



simply soak your oats in the milk and leave for as long as possible, prefereably overnight, otherwise make them as soon as you get up and leave for at least half an hour. 

Add your favourite toppings and off you go