Raw Almond Butter Brownies

Without doubt the most moreish thing you will find nestled amongst these pages.

Packed with goodness from the dark chocolate, almonds and dates. These are undeniably rich; they make a perfect treat if you have friends over and what sweet delight to lay a pretty plate of these down on the table at the end of the meal. 

There is always a place for sweet treats on my menu. Not for every day, as regardless of the source, all sweet things will disrupt the delicate balance of blood sugar regulation in your body, but we are grown ups, are we not, and we can regulate ourselves well enough to enjoy the decadant joys of bitter sweet chocolate from time to time.

Dates are the sweetest element in this dish, but medjool dates are also a great source of fibre, not to mention magnesium (nature's tranqueliser) and B Vitamins, so they are really good at boosting your mood. Dark Chocolate, as you may know, is packed with polyphenols, these are the compounds which give plants their amazing colours, and the dark rich brown of cocoa beans (like coffee beans) have as relevant a nutrient profile as red tomatoes and green kale. A small amount of dark chocolate in your diet can lower your risk for multiple chronic diseases, but be sure to buy good quality chocolate. If you think you only eat Dairy Milk, try again; start your way up with 65%, then 70, 85% and for a delicious after supper treat, 90% (Lindt sell a lovely accessible one at the supermarket, but of course the world of chocolate is as rich as the world of wine or coffee for afficionados).


3/4 Cup Almond Butter

1 Cup Medjool Dates

2 tbsp coconut oil

100g 85% quality dark chocolate

Pinch of himalayan pink salt (or sea salt flakes)

Pistachios or nuts of your choice to decorate


First melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of lightly boiling water.

Then add your melted chocolate to the remainder of the ingredients (save the nuts for decorating) into a food processor and blend. You can use a very strong blender such as the Vitamix, otherwise I recommend a Mixer as the dough is very dense.

Add the mixture to a dish, lined with baking paper and decorate; feel free to add anything here, coconut flakes, sliced almond slivers, I'm a sucker for pistachios... At this stage I cut small squares in the mix as its impossible once solid! Then pop the dish in the freezer for an hour to really set. Remove and leave it in the fridge - it would keep well in the fridge for a good week... but you dont stand a chance.