Personal Consultation

Are you struggling with unexplained symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, excessive stress or anxiety?  

OR are you dealing with a specific diagnosed chronic condition? IBS, IBD, Diabetes, CVD? You're in the right place + I'm here to help. 


Each Personal Nutrition Consultation starts with an appraisal of your health history + your existing habits. We then work towards creating a bespoke Nutrition + Lifestyle plan for you to follow.


Your Nutrition Plan will set out practical, easy habits to suit your needs + your lifestyle, enabling you to regain your best self. We will work together to find the tools to help you improve your health + wellbeing through nutrition, lifestyle, activity + rest. We'll unlock the knowledge to enable you to make long term, sustainable changes to recalibrate + bring new balance. 



£60   // per hour for FOLLOW-UPS 

APPOINTMENTS // at The Pump House + via SKYPE dial-in