Personal Consultation

One day you feel invincible, then suddenly those small niggles are getting worse, your sleep is struggling, it's proving harder to lose weight, you are suffering with digestive issues, brain fog, mood swings or joint pain?


Imbalances in our hormones, left unchecked, can lead to even greater health issues in the future.


Book a call with me. I help provide you with the tools to achieve optimal health, leaving you energised, optimistic and happy for the future.


I want to inspire a love for simple healthy recipes and teach you the skills to navigate this unique life stage with confidence.


Book a free 30 minute call today and let's have a chat about the ways that Nutritional Therapy can bring you back to optimum health.


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Personal Consultations


All my personal consultation programmes include the following:


  • 1-1 Support calls and open access with me throughout your programme. (minimum 6 online support calls)
  • Weekly menu plans, recipes, shopping lists and recipe collections (simple, nutritious, delicious and all provided for you) 
  • Functional Testing options to uncover  the root cause of your symptoms (read on for testing options below)