“Tell me + I will forget, show me + I will remember,  involve me and I will LEARN"

Wise words from Benjamin Franklin 


I have created a series of exciting online menu  programmes and am now running regular challenges with a focus on specific areas of nutrition.


All my programmes come complete with:


• A weekly menu plan which includes  breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks

• Complete recipes for all the meals on the menu

• An itemised tickable grocery list for you to easily purchase everything you need for the week

• My ongoing support and enthusiasm in a closed Facebook Group to get you focussing of foods that make you feel amazing!


2 Week Holiday Support + Accountability Programme

7th - 20th December


Who is this programme for?


Anyone who wants to stay on track during the holiday season. I know that you do not want to lose their momentum or the gains they have made from your hard work this year. My holiday support and accountability programme is an easy and fun way to keep you engaged during the holiday season and inspire some delicious dishes that I know will make it onto your festive table. Eating well at Christmas is a breeze with a few simple hints and tricks.


With the run up to Christmas looking set to take place under yet further restrictions, let's turn this negative into a positive? 


The holidays can be tough for a variety of reasons, as the weather gets colder, the to do list gets longer and before we know it weve broken out the Boublé and the Bubbly and in line with all the happy adverts on TV our best intentions fall apart.


But with the right support and a little accountability, you CAN take care of yourself, feel awesome, and stay on track with your health goals. With my Meal Plan Programme you can even lose weight, balance your hormones and regain your energy during this period.

You can even eat some of the healthiest seasonal foods of winter, make amazing treats to enjoy + gift to others and sail through this season unscathed.


What is included?

  • 2 Week Menu Plan designed by me for you. 
    • Supports blood sugar balance, eliminates cravings, includes nutrients to  support the adrenals and stress hormones as well as improving immunity.
    • Balanced minerals include magnesium, iron, zinc + selenium
  • Structured Shopping List, makes navigating those aisles a breeze
  • Full recipes for each + every meal; breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks
  • An Bonus Online Cooking class to prepare some healthy Christmas Treats
  • My closed Facebook Group to support + inspire you every step of the way.


Cost per person £50



“I know I shouldn’t have, but I had to out of curiosity... I have lost 4lb [after the first week]. But the number doesn’t inspire me as much as the way I am feeling, I feel ‘lighter’ in the non-bloated, lethargic sense and yet my appetite has never felt more satisfied !! I’ve had zero cravings. It’s incredible! ‘ (L.S., Cranbrook)




"These recipes are delicious and achievable; I will definitely be making them again (especially the hot chocolate smoothie!). My skin already has an extra glow to it and Camilla offers great support when and if you need it.


The challenge also meant that I actually enjoyed meal prepping and making time in my day to eat properly, rather than just collapsing at 8pm with some hummus & oatcakes."  (V.R., Kent)




"Thankyou Camilla for the wonderful week of nutrition advice and support. The recipes were so easy to follow and I’ve enjoyed every single one. I love your clear recipes plus alternatives - creating plenty of flexibility. The shopping list really helps too - all in all a plan anyone can follow. The thing I value most highly though is your amazing summarising of the research info - I find this really motivates me to want to eat healthily! Thankyou for sharing your passion." (J.R., T.Wells)



Dont take my word for it....