MARCH 2021 - 2 Week Introduction to Hormone Health



​Join Camilla and Sarah as we take you on a 2-week Introduction to Hormone Health through menu planning, scheduled workouts and daily contact and support. 




The plan for the two weeks we shall spend together is to break down the science into simple analogies to make it fun and easy to understand and help you get your body systems back in balance. 


In the first week, Camilla will spend time with you focusing specifically on the importance of blood glucose balance and the importance of low glycemcic foods.


In week 2 together with Camilla you shall dive into the importance of Digestive health and the Microbiome - this is imperative both for the production of hormones and the elimination of hormones once they have done their work. 


Sarah will provide a two-week foundational exercise programme comprising low impact exercises to target flexibility, core strength and the importance of garnering muscle mass both for your metabolism and your long term health. 




The program will run 15 - 26 March 2021, online. We will send you a menu plan, recipes and shopping lists on 11 March to give you plenty of time to buy your groceries. 


We shall explore the tools we need to to reset the metabolism in order to regain our energy; not simply to survive, but to THRIVE 




This program is for anyone who is looking to learn about the FOUNDATIONS OF HORMONE HEALTH. Whether you are new to nutrition or new to fitness, we are here to support your journey to health. 

The recipes will leave you feeling nourished, energised, light in your body and your mind, lifting the 'bleurgh' that we have come to take for granted as 'normal'. Let's change all that! 




£65 per person for: 

●  A complete two-week menu plan ​designed for Blood sugar Balance and improved Digestive + Microbiome health. 

●  A structured shopping list,​ makes navigating those aisles a breeze 

●  Full recipes for each and every meal​; breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks 

●  3 x Weekly LIVE workouts​ for you to follow at home with Sarah Best @findurfituk (You 

will need a mat, light hand-held weights and a towel for all classes) 

○  Monday 10.30am - Body Weight Strength 

○  Wednesday 10.30am - Core Strength 

○  Friday 10.30am - Into to the Barre 

All live classes will be recorded and available after the class for you to complete in your own time as suits. 


●  Access to a closed Facebook Group to support and inspire you​ every step of the 



We look forward to welcoming you on our programme! 


“I know I shouldn’t have, but I had to out of curiosity... I have lost 4lb [after the first week]. But the number doesn’t inspire me as much as the way I am feeling, I feel ‘lighter’ in the non-bloated, lethargic sense and yet my appetite has never felt more satisfied !! I’ve had zero cravings. It’s incredible! ‘ (L.S., Cranbrook)



"Thankyou Camilla for the wonderful week of nutrition advice and support. The recipes were so easy to follow and I’ve enjoyed every single one. I love your clear recipes plus alternatives - creating plenty of flexibility. The shopping list really helps too - all in all a plan anyone can follow. The thing I value most highly though is your amazing summarising of the research info - I find this really motivates me to want to eat healthily! Thankyou for sharing your passion." (J.R., T.Wells)


"I've been following your programmes since November and have now lost over a stone. The amazing difference is that I am eating healthy foods that I have always been scared of before, like avocados and nuts. My skin is so much better and I just want to keep on going, thank you both for this programme."


Dont take my word for it....