Busy making plans at work for growth + to seize new opportunity + prosper? 

With "The bigger the dream, the more important the team;" it becomes even more vital to nurture a culture of good health at work.


The Corporate Nutrition + Wellbeing Program is a bespoke offering for independent ventures + corporate business that examines the cause + effect of food choice on behaviour + performance in the workplace with well-being + lifestyle. At its core is enhancing + protecting the health + well-being of employees through an immersive Nutritional Therapy program. Each program is created + tailored to suit the requirements of the business, budgets + its employees.


The program:

3  x Food For Life Workshops to kick-start the revolution of change to feel better live well through nutrition

12 x monthly  Food For Life Newsletters filled with news, seasonal recipes + step-changes to create habits 

1-1 Personal Consultations (as required) to help support specific physical, lifestyle or chronic conditions