Its a real joy to finally be writing my first blogpost for my new website.

January 2020 could not be a more auspicious time for a control fiend such as myself to be starting a new venture. Its just SO neat and tidy. And I aim to update this blog on a monthly basis, rather in the format of a newsletter. So keep dropping by.


2019 was a really complicated year for me personally and for my business. Having qualified with my degree, I spent a year building up my client list, hosting workshops and collaborating with some wonderful people. Then disaster hit and I had a freak accident, dropping a kitchen knife on my leg. I severed the tendon and most of the muscles across my front shin (tibialis anterior) and spent months back and forth from hospital, in hospital, I had 2 major surgeries and skin graft all the while not being able to drive, to practise Nutritional Therapy, to conduct the myriad millions of jobs that happen every day as a Mum of 3. It was pretty tough. I stepped back from work entirely and for a while almost wanted to throw in the towel. It was a timely reminder that mental and physical health are so inextricably linked. The effects of antibiotics, opiods and general anaesthetic were screwing with my mind. Slowly, slowly, with the support of my family, with a return to mediation, to dog walking (did I mention we got another puppy during this time) and restorative time in the kitchen, I was reminded that nutrition is at the heart of healing. 2020 affords the opportunity to start again with a clean slate.



You will come to find that I listen to a lot of podcasts; it is my most efficient means of accessing the latest findings of many esteemed colleagues in the wellness world. I have 2 lovely dogs, Tambour and Chia, who need walking every day, plus at least 40 minutes every day on my own in the car prior to fetching and ferrying the children. I can easily consume 90 minutes of podcasts per day.

This month my stand out guest was Pilar Gerasimo, author of "The Healthy Deviant - A Rulebreakers guide to being healthy in an unhealthy world", which arrived in my postbox this morning. Pilar was a guest on Dhru Prohits Podcast; The Broken Brain -  Pilar is such an eloquent speaker and really got me thinking about all the ways in which society places barriers on us ALL obtaining our health goals. As a mother it is surely outrageous that the norm, to which it is most eay to conform, is that of ultra processed snacking. We have to really swim against the tide to find something different for our children; for ourselves. Have a listen and tell me what you think. 

Broken Brain Podcast



Well, it has to be Dr Rangan Chaterjee for me this month. Feel Better in 5

Feel Better in 5

The man is a genius! Rangan is a busy practising GP in the North West who is so passionate about spreading the message of healthcare and well-being that he has also written 3 utterly accessible books, hosts and guests appears on several acclaimed podcasts AND has co-established an accredited Nutrition and Wellbeing course to ensure that all GPs are able to prescribe Lifestyle Medicine in their own practice. He shall improve many lives!

The book is a guide to sustainable behaviour change, something that comes up in my own clinic on a weekly basis. Implementing lifestyle and nutrition change is as much about HOW, as What and Why... If I recommend that somebody takes up a daily meditation practice for example, and I dont spend time discussing exaclty how and when they might incorporate that into their own life, then my recommendation is futile.

My goals for 2020 are as follows:

MIND: Mediation 10 minutes per day with the Calm App. I do this as soon as I wake in the morning, which means having my headphones accessible by my bedside table before I go to bed,

BODY: My daily dogwalk, with fresh air and focus on flexion of my injured leg.

HEART: Laying the breakfast table every evening before I go to bed so that we can sit and have at least 5 minutes all around the table before the busy day starts. This is being present for my children.