Who am I? I am Camilla, a registered Nutritional Therapist, committed to harnessing the power of evidence-based protocols to nurture your health with dietary and lifestyle counsel. I am not a medical doctor and therefore do not engage in diagnosis or prescription. My unwavering goal is to empower you to unlock the full potential of your health, allowing you to experience a state of vitality that surpasses your wildest expectations.


I help you identify the root cause of your symptoms through comprehensive health tests and based on your results will support you to address any underlying imbalances through food, lifestyle and targeted supplements. I believe you should be fully informed about all the options available to you so you can decide what’s best for your body. I will have no hesitation in referring you to your doctor should I feel you need medical support (including HRT).

Who do I help?

I help women (and some men) who are struggling with hormone imbalances (pre, peri or post menopause), digestive issues, auto-immune conditions, infertility, fatigue, weight gain, mood issues, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, hair loss, joint pain, hot flushes, PMS, migraines and much more. I love working with clients who are 100% committed to their health and want to feel the best they can.

How do I work?

I support you via a ‘programme’ of 1-1 sessions. I don’t believe in offering one-off consultations because I know I will never get the best results for you by seeing you just the once. Instead, my programmes include functional health tests that will help us work out what is causing your symptoms, so that I can create a personalised programme that’s exactly right for you. My support sessions are all online, and my test kits are sent to your home (for the blood test we arrange a nurse visit or a local blood draw). I can ship test kits to most countries in the world (depending on local laws and customs regulations). Contact me if you’d like more information on which countries I can ship to.

What makes my programmes unique?

1. MY TESTS – I use state of the art functional tests that are not available on the NHS or in mainstream medicine, to look for the root cause of your symptoms.

Here are some of the tests I use regularly;

  • Hormones; I use the most accurate and sophisticated hormone test in the world today. It’s a urine test measuring 4 samples (dried) over 24 hours. It gives us a comprehensive look at your sex hormone levels but also how they break down. This gives a much clearer picture of how hormones are actually behaving, plus crucial information about what might be causing your symptoms. I also test adrenal hormones so that we can see how your body is dealing with stress (crucial for your other hormones).
  • Thyroid health- the Thyroid pathway involves several different thyroid hormones, and standard testing does not measure them all. It’s important to test all of the markers that can indicate a potential thyroid weakness or auto-immune condition so that we can address the root cause and not just the symptoms. I look at TSH, T4, T3 and thyroid antibodies to identify any weakness in your thyroid health. And crucially I am looking for ‘optimal’ levels not just ‘normal’.
  • Blood panel - My Well Woman comprehensive blood screening test looks at Full Blood Count, liver, kidney, heart, Diabetes, Thyroid, inflammation and key nutrients, including iron, B Vitamins and Vitamin-D.
  • Gut health - I use the most comprehensive and advanced Digestive Stool Test on the market. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide a true DNA-based assessment of your gut microbiome from a single stool sample.(Of which you send the tiniest sample direct to the lab). Key markers include bacteria (beneficial and pathogenic), yeast, fungus, parasites, inflammation, enzyme status, immune markers.
  • DNA Genetic Testing – a comprehensive nutrigenetics test that reports on gene variants in key biological processes that govern health and disease in the following areas; Lipid (Fat) metabolism (heart health), Methylation, Detoxification, Inflammation and Oxidative stress, Insulin sensitivity, Bone health and Food responsiveness. It helps to identify genetic weaknesses in these pathways and so we can help improve, or mitigate these weaknesses using targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement interventions for better health, longevity, and disease risk mitigation. This is the CUTTING EDGE of health technology and the future of healthcare.

2. MY SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE – these tests are very complex. I have invested time and money gaining the specialist knowledge and experience to interpret your results and create personalised programmes based on your results + scientific research to help you achieve lasting results.

3. MY EXPERIENCE – I have been doing this consistently for several years and have now helped many hundreds of clients all over the world.

4 MY PLEDGE – I want you to thrive. I want you to feel better than you did in your younger years. I strive for OPTIMAL not just NORMAL. So you can live your best life NOW, not later.

Why do I specialise in testing?

  • IT’S ACCURATE Even though I’m pretty intuitive when it comes to symptoms, I don’t like to guess. I like to have the backup of a physical test – because I’m not infallible, and I want the absolute best for my clients – so if I know FOR SURE that something isn’t where it should be, then I can put a natural protocol in place that laser targets that specific imbalance.
  • IT’S PERSONAL Every BODY is unique. This is why the ‘one size fits all’ standard medical approach doesn’t work for everyone. What I aim to do is to get to the root cause rather than just manage your symptoms. Having a programme totally targeted for your own unique imbalances will help you get much quicker and more effective results – after all, that’s what we’re aiming for!
  • IT’S MOTIVATING Having test results motivates you to stick to the programme. It’s all well and good telling you to make some changes, but seeing it on paper makes it REAL.

Why isn’t this testing free?

Are my programmes covered by health insurance?

Sadly not in most cases, and that is as frustrating for me as it is for you! In our medical system, it’s mostly NHS regulated services that are covered. But this is changing and there are a couple of schemes that are now accepting some of our tests, so it's always worth checking with your insurer.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary according to which tests and programmes you need, but prices range from £495 to £2500. On my more comprehensive packages, I offer payment plans over 3 months for those wanting to pay in stages.

How can I sign up for this?

Testing isn’t something you should be buying off the internet! These tests are very complex and need trained specialists to understand and interpret them for you.

  • I need to talk to you first to learn more about you and assess whether we can help you. The state of the art tests I use are not available on the NHS or within most mainstream health providers (excluding some blood tests). They are only available to private practitioners.
  • I am fully trained and skillful with a degree in Nutritional Therapy. I have invested heavily in my education and training in nutrition and health, and continue this investment with ongoing CPD. These tests are very complex and need expert interpretation, as well as ongoing support to help you implement your programme.
  • Each programme is bespoke to each individual client. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ general approach. You get a highly personalised and unique programme so that you get the best outcomes for your body and your health.
  • Simply email cam@camillaelmsnutrition.com and I will arrange an initial call, free of charge. My Nutrition Testing Packages might be for you, if: Keen to Learn More? Get in touch to arrange your free 30 minute call