21-DAY Hormonal Weight Loss Programme

16th November - 4th December 


Who is this programme for?


Anyone struggling with any of the symptoms listed below! 


With the run up to Christmas looking set to take place under yet further restrictions, how can we turn this negative into a positive? 


By following my 3 week Adrenal Reset I will give you the support, the tools and the learning to make some positive changes to your daily nutrition and lifestyle.


Physical and emotional stressors put increased demands on our adrenal glands, which is our major hormone-producing site. Our adrenal glands produce cortisol, which, in normal amounts is beneficial and adaptive to stress, because it increases energy and stamina, mental alertness, and cognitive function.

However, when the stressful stimuli (2020 I'm talking to you!) are present for days or weeks at a time, it can result in adrenal gland dysfunction (also known as adrenal fatigue) and imbalanced cortisol levels.

We are feeling exceptionally stressed, fed up and demotivated. Our adrenals have taken an absolute battering from the perceived (+ real) threat of uncertainty; this 3-week programme will super charge your diet with all the foods you need to maximise resilience in the lead up to Christmas and beyond.


Some signs of general adrenal + hormone distress include:


• Being slow to start in the morning

• Craving salty or sugary foods

• Having a low libido

• Feeling fatigued in the afternoon

• Getting a “second wind” in the evening

• Having problems staying asleep

• Experiencing dizziness when standing up quickly

• Getting afternoon headaches

• Having blood sugar issues

• Having chronic inflammation

• Experiencing weak nails

• Feeling unusually moody

• Having difficulty losing weight


Join me for your 21-Day Menu Plan, complete with full recipe lists, nutrient profile, shopping list and a closed FaceBook to support your challenge. Email me for details: cam@camillaelmsnutrition.com