1-1 Consultations


I am a fully  qualified Nutritional Therapist BSc. (mNNA). I work from my home clinic in Goudhurst, Kent. I provide tailor-made programmes for clients on a 1-1 basis. If you are interested in arranging a 1-1 consultation please contact me via e-mail cam@camillaelmsnutrition.com and I will be happy to arrange an appointment with you.

Nutritional Therapy considers chronic disease to be the ultimate expression of underlying body system imbalances. Our modern Western lifestyle frequently provides a cocktail of stress, haste and a ‘nutrient vacuum’ due to the dizzying array of processed convenience foods on offer.

Nutritional Therapy seeks to redress these underlying imbalances using evidence-based research into nutrients and their impact on health and well-being. Each and every one of us is unique in our history, our lifestyle and our genetics and so too the nutritional intervention which can maximise our health.

Initial Consultation – 90 minutes- £120

Follow Up Consultation – 60 minutes – £60

My work involves an initial consultation for 90 mins, where we discuss your health history and goals, then I will spend further time myself, coming up with a personalised nutrition plan for you.

I will send this to you with menu ideas; I try not to prescribe a strict weekly menu, it is much more about working together for the long term, finding the foods which are right for you, with me suggesting recipe ideas, a selection of choices, informing you and empowering you to take back control for yourself… a thorough lifestyle change. It is these long-term changes which really are transformative.

We then speak again about a month to six weeks later to review how you are getting on.

The initial consultation is £120, which includes the programme I prepare for you. Thereafter £60 per hour when we meet up.