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My next online Nutrition Programme starts on 1st March. Cost is £99 per person. The course runs for 30 days; please e-mail me for further details cam@camillaelmsnutrition.com and read on to hear what other people have to say about it

I took part in Camilla’s e-learning course. I’m an all or nothing type but having officially hit middle aged I was beginning to realise that I needed to change my habits forever. It isn’t a diet (I’ve done diets so often in the past but gone straight back to old habits immediately after hitting goal weight) but instead this has totally revolutionised my life. She’s taught me how to meal plan, confidence to try different cook books and recipes and most importantly changed my belief that low fat is good!  Not only have I lost weight but it’s changed the way myself and my family eat. We all have so much more energy. It has truly changed my life. 

Flaxseed Crackers with chunky homemade pesto

I joined Camilla’s 30 day challenge to see if I could benefit from advice on healthier eating although was sceptical at first as did follow what I thought was a good diet but with a few too many glasses of wine on occasion.
Following the plan, larder list, suggested menus, cook books and also sharing ideas in a supportive group with first hand advice from Camilla I have completely changed my view of eating and fuel my body with nutritious, balanced meals that have certainly increased my energy levels. As for the wine I’m quite happy now without it as I’ve never felt better. I’m getting more from my cross fit sessions too as turn up with more energy, the 30 day programme has set me up now for a future of being the best I can be for my age and I’m really grateful for all the support and advice I’ve gained .

(R.S. 2018)

Healthy Food is characterised by beautiful colours on the plate