Buckwheat, Beetroot and Edamame Salad


A delicious alternative to bulgar wheat or couscous is Buckwheat, which is not a wheat at all, but a seed, (referred to as a pseudo grain…. as is quinoa) • so like quinoa, buckwheat is naturally gluten free (despite its name!!!!) • it also has an amazing antioxidant profile! This means that is it incredibly good at clearing toxins and fighting off the damaging effects of all the toxins our bodies regularly have to fend off, both dietary (sugar, processed foods and alcohol), and also environmental (dirty air, pesticides, cleaning products, fragrances cosmetics etc) • so we LOVE Buckwheat • it has lots of B Vitamins and minerals • you can buy buckwheat as a flour and it makes delicious pancakes, but you can also buy the grain, (soak overnight) and simmer for 15 mins • here it is made into a delicious salad with roasted beetroot, toasted walnuts, edamame beans, chopped spring onion and a ginger + Dion dressing with chopped fresh mint and parsley • give it a try, and substitute it for anywhere you would use rice, pearl barley or couscous …. ignore the reviews in the following link btw! Buckwheat is perfect in salads, once you have cooked, 15 mins max. Just refresh under cold water and it keeps biteIMG_9443.

Buckwheat, Beetroot and Edamame Salad

2 beetroot;

1 cup buckwheat groats;

1 cup of edamame beans

2 spring onions

1 handful of walnuts

Chopped fresh herbs

You could buy ready roasted beets, but the often have quite a strong vinegar taste, so I like to buy organic raw beetroot and roast them myself; approx 45 minutes in a hot oven (depends slightly on the size of the beetroot). Roast with the skins on and some of the stalk left in tack. Once cooked, cool and peel and cut into small slices

Meanwhile, cook your buckwheat groats for approximately 10 minutes in boiling water so that they retain some crunch. Ince cook, run under cold water as you drain to prevent the steam for carrying on cooking them… drain thoroughly and add to a mixing bowl with your liked cooled beets, a cup of edamame beans (from frozen if you like, they will defrost in the bowl), finely chopped spring onions, chopped walnuts and herbs (here I used fresh mint and parsley).

I love the healthy combination of protein from the buckwheat and walnuts, Omega-3 from the walnuts, antioxidants from the beetroot and digestive carminatives from the herbs. Altogether a feast for the eyes and the tummy.





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