Nutrition Workshops

NEW Menu Planning Programmes to inspire healthy change to your diet and lifestyle.

 - A weekly menu plan, breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks

 - Complete recipes for all the meals on the menu

 - An itemised and tick-off-able grocery list for you to easily purchase everything you need for the week

 - My ongoing support and enthusiasm to get you focussing of foods that make you feel amazing!



My kitchen workshops will be back just as soon as we are able x

My Kitchen Workshops offer you the opportunity to come and visit me in my kitchen. 

With groups of no more than 10 people sat around my breakfast bar, these are fun, intimate affairs. I cook and create a series of dishes for you to try and firmly believe that seeing is believing! When you watch and recipe being made, or have the chance to try a new and possible unheard of ingredient, it takes away the mystery. We have lots of fun, trying different dishes from breakfast pots to super smoothies, amazing salads, dips and dressings and always something sweet and healthy to finish. I focus these workshops inline with underlying body system imbalances so there is a greater significance on the specific nutrients required for different systems imbalance, which, when out of kilter, contribute to disease.

Focus on Wise Woman, Mind and Meditation, The Balance of Good Health, Healthy Vegan Cooking, Weight Loss and Digestive Health.

"The workshop provided a unique place for me to think about nutrition away from it all. I’ve come away inspired to eat better."